My Zentopia

It used to be much more often, but about once every two weeks I take a Zen bubble bath.

My process:

  1. Light candles around the tub and bathroom sink.
  2. Connect phone to Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Play Flute Meditation Radio on Pandora.
  4. Run very hot water with the soap and salts. (usually Village Naturals)
  5. Turn off the lights and lock the door.
  6. Sink into the steaming water.
  7. Take in the smells and sounds & drift into a meditative state.
  8. Bonus Step —> Sometimes, I throw my light up froggies in the bath with me!

This is very simple. But for me, it feels like I am in the middle of a rain forest, alone but not isolated, finding the beauty in solitude. I can be in there for about an hour.

Or until the Pandora ad comes on and scare the Zen out of my soul. Hahaha, just kidding. No, but, I am seriously thinking about switching my music source. It’s just that this channel has THE BEST flute meditation tracks.

These are the products I use the most:


What’s your Zentopia? Comment below!


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