Crystals for Wellness

It’s been a while since I posted. Sorry, guys, I had a busy week with family visiting and graduating from WVU last week! I want to continue talking about meditation because I think there is still more to share.

For instance, we didn’t even talk about my favorite thing – gemstones and crystals!

We’ve already discussed why meditation is important, but we haven’t talked too much about what you may need. You don’t actually need anything to meditate. For me, meditating with crystals just works better, and it may work for you, too.

Basically, different crystals have different uses and benefits. Using crystals can be a way to make your meditative experience more powerful and focused. If you are in it for spiritual benefits, crystals have similar but more complex implications as they can be used to help you open your spiritual eyes more widely.

The first crystal you ever possess will probably hold some special meaning for you. The first crystal I ever had was passed down to me from my aunt, and it was a type of quartz. It was a beautiful citrine point, very dark and pure. I still have it on my makeshift altar to accompany the many other gems I’ve acquired since then.10534768_4487683087276_7226654978540114760_n
Citrine is a great crystal for goal-oriented individuals. My aunt didn’t know this when she gave it to my 9-year-old self, and I didn’t know it at the time. I’ve accomplished a lot since then, and I am always setting goals and meditating on them with my citrine, which has a bunch of other great benefits besides.

One crystal that most people who meditate have, one I suggest you get first, is crystal quartz. It will amplify other crystals you meditate with and you can ask it to focus on your own specific intentions. For a more complete guide of the different crystals and their uses, I highly suggest going to my go-to website, Crystal Cure.

Once you have your crystals, specifically ones that are in line with your desired outcomes, you shouldn’t  begin to meditate with them just yet. You should charge them and program your intentions.

Learn the different ways to cleanse and charge crystals here. Personally, I use methods involving water, such as holding the crystal under the faucet to cleanse it, always feeling my intentions throughout the process.

Now that they are ready, you can use them to meditate. As with everything, there are different ways to do this. You can lay them on your body in areas you wish to heal, whether physically or spiritually. You can hold them in your hands while you meditate.

Make your to always focus on your breathing when you are meditating. While holding the stones and breathing steadily, keep your intention in mind. Connect your mind with the stones. Allow your energy to flow freely but focused. Once you feel connected and completely relaxed, you can stay there as long as you feel necessary. Just make sure to bring yourself back slowly as you return to your Earthly awareness.


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