The heart chakra, or anahata, corresponds to the element air, the color green and the sense of touch. You will want to focus on green colored foods like kiwi or green apples and vegetables like kale or spinach. Green tea is a good beverage for this chakra. Most of the activities that help to heal this chakra are emotional in nature, as you might imagine. Anahata embodies energies such as love, passion and joy.

Having a balanced heart chakra will be one of the best feelings you have – you will love it. You will feel connected to everyone and be more open to accepting love. If you have an imbalance, you might feel isolated or isolate yourself. You might be selfish without realizing it. You will be cut off to love from others. If you are experiencing this, you may have had your heart broken, and this doesn’t only mean romantically. Sometimes those closest to us, like family or best friends, can hurt us worst of all.

The first step in healing this chakra is to forgive. Forgive the people who hurt you. It doesn’t mean you need to keep them in your life. But realize that everyone makes mistakes, including yourself. Forgive the hurt that has been done to you, but also that which you have caused others. Try to start over with the people you want to keep around, but try to focus on your own needs.

Practice loving. This might sound weird, but if you feel blocked, the best way to unblock this chakra is to take down some of the walls you have surrounded yourself with and allow love to flow in and out of your heart. It doesn’t happen over night, but focusing on it for these three days should at least give you a boost. This includes loving yourself!

DAY 10ustrasana_-_camel_pose

For breakfast, I made eggs and spinach. I started off my day with my yoga exercises. I did tree pose, warrior pose, pigeon pose, and boat pose. For this chakra, we will add camel pose.

I meditated on affirmations for this phase of the cleanse. If I haven’t been clear, you don’t need to use my affirmations. Instead, you can meditate and come up with whatever is more focused directly to your energy.

I have been sick this week, so I have been having a hard time focusing. That being so, I will come back to this chakra at the end of the 21-day cleanse. You can do this too with any chakra you feel needs more direct focus.

As I took Nyquil, I don’t really remember falling asleep or if I had any meaningful dreams, but I did fall asleep listening to flute meditation on Pandora.

DAY 11

Yoga poses, as usual. Tree, warrior, pigeon, boat and camel poses. I carried my rose quartz with me throughout the day to focus my energy as much as possible. I made a quesadilla for lunch with green peppers.

The anahata focuses on “I Love” energy. Write in your journal all of the things you love. Keep not only love in your heart, but also gratitude on your mind.

Make sure to come up with a good prayer or memorize this one before you do your ending ritual the last day.


If you would like to continue working on this chakra in your sleep, give this sleep meditation music a try.

DAY 12

I did my yoga. I had a green pepper quesadilla again. Once again, being sick has limited me. But really yoga and silent meditation are the best medicines for the heart. And spending time with the people you love.


INCENSE: Heart Chakra stick by Triloka



MANTRA: “yam.” Chant about 10 times, slowly and spaced out. As you chant the mantra, imagine a bright red light burning at your feet, solidifying your foundation. As it runs up your legs, it blends into orange that gets brighter and brighter until focusing into a bright yellow sun that warms up your body and grows a green landscape at your heart. Breathe deeply, and be aware of any feelings in your chest.

Recite prayer 5 times.

Focus on the green energy. Visualize walking through the green lush landscape.


Manipura: Chakra Cleanse Day 7-9

The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdominal area, is not one I am particularly fond of nor pay attention to. My initial thought was I would probably have a lot of work to do with it, that maybe it was deficient. However, it seems that chakra is one of my most well-balanced, and maybe that is indeed why it is less in my thoughts.

The plexus chakra is also known as manipura. It is ruled by the color yellow. Yellow foods are helpful along with cereal, oats, milk and cheese. Its mantra is “ram,” and it’s associated with the fire element and sense of sight. It carries the weight of self-esteem, willpower, ambition, immunity and digestion, affecting many of your organs such as your liver and gall bladder. An imbalance looks egotistical, hypercritical and helpless. It leads to eating disorders and a lack of emotional control. A completely balanced plexus chakra will leave you with a sense of controlled calm, flexibility, vitality and self-confidence.

Personally, I do have liver issues that stemmed from growing up eating too much, and I used to have zero self-confidence whatsoever. I know that before I was conscious of my spirituality, my manipura was deficient for sure. Looking back, I can see how many of my problems were linked to it. Over time, my self-confidence has become much less of an issue and I have become more comfortable with who I am.

If you’re experiencing problems with arrogance, you may not even realize it. I know I didn’t. You might think, how does arrogance and low self-esteem go together? It really does. It’s a defense mechanism, and it will drive the people you care about far away from you. Start to be aware of these things before it is too late!


I started off my day with my yoga exercises. Keeping the root and sacral chakras in the mix, I began with tree pose, warrior pose and pigeon pose. The yoga pose I used to focus my solar plexus chakra was boat pose. Hold it for 30 seconds at first, then incrementally decrease how long you are holding it (25, 20, 15, 10, 5 seconds).

After my yoga, I sat outside in the bright sunlight for about an hour. Make sure to get lots of sun during this phase, if you can. Either way, it’s helpful to get outside.

For breakfast, I had eggs with cheese and a glass of milk. I had a banana for snack.

I meditated on affirmations for this phase of the cleanse. When I figured out how I wanted to focus my words, I said them as much as I felt like while meditating. Allow yourself to become wrapped around your affirmations. Let them be words of guidance when you need them. Let them pop up when you need it most.


Since the plexus region rules over self-confidence, it helps to be aware of your voice in social situations. Make sure you are clear and steady, authoritative but not aggressive. Even in situations like shopping.

For example, I went to the grocery store and took a number from the deli. They skipped over me! I couldn’t believe it because I realized I was being tested. I needed to speak up, even if I felt like I was inconveniencing others. Don’t ever apologize for the space or time you take up in this world. You have every right to be where you are and who you are.

I fell asleep by accident so I didn’t listen to anything special or focus any of my sleeping energy on the task at hand.


Yoga poses, as usual. Tree, warrior, pigeon and boat poses. I carried my citrine with me throughout the day as a reminder to myself. I really did have a hard time remembering or paying attention to this chakra. That’s okay if that happens – as long as you are aware and you make the point to remedy the situation.

I ate oat and honey cereal with milk. I had a cheese quesadilla for lunch. I snacked on a banana.

The manipura focuses on “I Will” energy. Goals are important. It is good to focus on them while cleansing this chakra. Here is an exercise for you:

Set a goal. Break the goal into smaller attainable goals. Put those broken down steps on a timeline. Do three goals – one for the day, one for the month and one for the year.

Personally, and I think this is why I have a good balanced plexus, I always do this. I have a goal journal in which I write my goals for the year. Then, each month on the first, I take time to write monthly goals. Every day, I write down my goals for the day which could be as simple as “I know you’re having a hard time, but get out of bed today at a decent hour.” Or “Make sure you write your blog post but you don’t stay up too late.” These things help me stay on track and help me with my anxiety. It feels good for me to cross things off when I am done.

But not all of you are going to be that type of person, and that’s okay! You can just do the activity for this cleanse.

Make sure to come up with a good prayer or memorize this one before you do your ending ritual the last day.


I slept listening to meditation music on Pandora, but I woke up with a splitting headache and very sweaty. I don’t know what caused it…


When I woke up with the headache, I went back to sleep with no music. I had some crazy dreams, and I spent time interpreting them.

I did my yoga. I had eggs and cheese again. I had a banana for snack and milk during the day. I also had yogurt for dessert, which is a good manipura food.

I was very tired this last day, Saturday, and I spent a lot of time in my dreamworld.

Then, I had an allergic reaction to nuts so I took Benadryl and that made me go back to sleep. I wasted the whole day, which kind of bummed me out. Sunday morning before writing this, I did my meditation to thank my solar plexus and to transition to the throat chakra.


You’ve no doubt begun to see that each meditation ritual is the same but personalized for the corresponding chakra. I will no longer discuss these in such detail. Unless you want me to, then let me know. I will list the mudra, my preferred music track, and any other instruction I think is an important addition for the particular chakra.

INCENSE: Solar Plexus stick by Triloka


MUDRA: mudra

MANTRA: “Ram.” Chant about 10 times, slowly and spaced out. As you chant the mantra, imagine a bright red light burning at your feet, solidifying your foundation. As it runs up your legs, it blends into orange that gets brighter and brighter until exploding into a beautiful yellow light at the solar plexus. Breathe deeply, and be aware of any feelings in your upper abdomen.

Recite prayer 5 times.

Focus on the yellow energy. Let it overtake you.

It’s always nice to have a little break. At this point, if you’ve faced deficiencies, a lot of the work we are doing might be a little draining. For me, and for whatever well-balanced chakras you have, it’s nice to have to work a little less. Enjoy it – it might be back to the grind for the next 3 days!

Svadhishthana: Chakra Cleanse Day 4-6

On the first day after feeding my root chakra for three days, I felt solid and ready to transition to my sacral chakra, also known as the svadhishthana. It is connected to the water element. To activate this chakra, use the mantra “vam.” It will affect your reproductive organs, urinary tract and lower abdomen. Once again, if you have issues in this area, it might indicate a deficiency in your sacral energies. Orange foods and lots of water will feed this chakra. I drank about 12 cups of water each day during this phase.


It’s generally beneficial to start the day with yoga. For the sacral chakra, hip-opening positions are helpful. I used warrior pose and pigeon pose as well as squats. Personally, I also continued to use tree pose to start off the day with a strong foundation.

I snacked on oranges throughout the day – literally the orange-est food you could get!

Since the sacral region rules over sexuality, emotions, and creativity, I tried to make time to exercise my creative muscles. I wrote a post on my other blog.

I took some time aside to meditate and come up with my affirmations for the next three days:


I fell asleep to the sounds of tibetan singing bowls targeting my svadhishthana, with my citrine and howlite tucked safely under my pillow.


Once again, my dreams seemed to be attuned with my chakra cleanse. I don’t usually have very sexually charged dreams, but these were, though they weren’t of actual sexual activity, which I also found interesting.

I wrote in my inspiration journal.


You can buy your own copy here.


I watched some television and repeated my yoga poses.

I created a recipe for an orange cinnamon tea with honey that was both delicious and energy-boosting. You just need to cut up one orange, squeeze the juice from half of it into a pot and put the other half in. Cover it with water and let it boil. When you put it in your cup, sweeten it with honey to your liking. Optionally, finish it off with a dainty cinnamon stick.

Before going to sleep to the same singing bowls music, I wrote a prayer for my ending meditation.



My dreams were not particularly sexual in nature; instead, they were musical. When I 16467252_10202823962997241_103128361_nwoke up, I decided to take some time to play some guitar and sing.

I made the tea again at around 9 pm. As I drank it, I settled down and painted an orange-based picture. It isn’t one of my best, but it was relaxing and very centering. Painting, playing an instrument and singing are all wonderful svadhishthana activities.

Then, it was time for the big meditation ritual:

Either at your altar or some place you like to relax, light one of your sacral chakra incense sticks from your Triloka pack.

mudra sacral.pngPlace your chosen gemstone in front of you. Position your hands in the correct mudra, so that your thumbs are touching and the rest of your fingers curl around each other.

With your phone or tablet, play this tibetan singing bowl meditation. Once again, you can use any track you prefer, but that is my suggestion.

The meditation will last until the whole stick of incense is gone, or until you feel your work is completed for the time being.

Chant the mantra “vam” as many times as you feel. For me, it is about 10 times, slowly and spaced out. As you chant the mantra, imagine a a bright red light is burning in your feet. As the light runs up your legs and reaches your lower abdomen, it blends into a bright orange color. Breathe deeply, in and out, and be aware of any feelings in your lower belly.

Recite the prayer 5 times, or make up your own!

Now, just focus on the orange energy. Let it grow. Focus your attention where it needs to be.

See, isn’t that better? If you are like me and your ruling chakra is your svadhishthana, this will be a much-needed cuddle.