Svadhishthana: Chakra Cleanse Day 4-6

On the first day after feeding my root chakra for three days, I felt solid and ready to transition to my sacral chakra, also known as the svadhishthana. It is connected to the water element. To activate this chakra, use the mantra “vam.” It will affect your reproductive organs, urinary tract and lower abdomen. Once again, if you have issues in this area, it might indicate a deficiency in your sacral energies. Orange foods and lots of water will feed this chakra. I drank about 12 cups of water each day during this phase.


It’s generally beneficial to start the day with yoga. For the sacral chakra, hip-opening positions are helpful. I used warrior pose and pigeon pose as well as squats. Personally, I also continued to use tree pose to start off the day with a strong foundation.

I snacked on oranges throughout the day – literally the orange-est food you could get!

Since the sacral region rules over sexuality, emotions, and creativity, I tried to make time to exercise my creative muscles. I wrote a post on my other blog.

I took some time aside to meditate and come up with my affirmations for the next three days:


I fell asleep to the sounds of tibetan singing bowls targeting my svadhishthana, with my citrine and howlite tucked safely under my pillow.


Once again, my dreams seemed to be attuned with my chakra cleanse. I don’t usually have very sexually charged dreams, but these were, though they weren’t of actual sexual activity, which I also found interesting.

I wrote in my inspiration journal.


You can buy your own copy here.


I watched some television and repeated my yoga poses.

I created a recipe for an orange cinnamon tea with honey that was both delicious and energy-boosting. You just need to cut up one orange, squeeze the juice from half of it into a pot and put the other half in. Cover it with water and let it boil. When you put it in your cup, sweeten it with honey to your liking. Optionally, finish it off with a dainty cinnamon stick.

Before going to sleep to the same singing bowls music, I wrote a prayer for my ending meditation.



My dreams were not particularly sexual in nature; instead, they were musical. When I 16467252_10202823962997241_103128361_nwoke up, I decided to take some time to play some guitar and sing.

I made the tea again at around 9 pm. As I drank it, I settled down and painted an orange-based picture. It isn’t one of my best, but it was relaxing and very centering. Painting, playing an instrument and singing are all wonderful svadhishthana activities.

Then, it was time for the big meditation ritual:

Either at your altar or some place you like to relax, light one of your sacral chakra incense sticks from your Triloka pack.

mudra sacral.pngPlace your chosen gemstone in front of you. Position your hands in the correct mudra, so that your thumbs are touching and the rest of your fingers curl around each other.

With your phone or tablet, play this tibetan singing bowl meditation. Once again, you can use any track you prefer, but that is my suggestion.

The meditation will last until the whole stick of incense is gone, or until you feel your work is completed for the time being.

Chant the mantra “vam” as many times as you feel. For me, it is about 10 times, slowly and spaced out. As you chant the mantra, imagine a a bright red light is burning in your feet. As the light runs up your legs and reaches your lower abdomen, it blends into a bright orange color. Breathe deeply, in and out, and be aware of any feelings in your lower belly.

Recite the prayer 5 times, or make up your own!

Now, just focus on the orange energy. Let it grow. Focus your attention where it needs to be.

See, isn’t that better? If you are like me and your ruling chakra is your svadhishthana, this will be a much-needed cuddle.


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