The heart chakra, or anahata, corresponds to the element air, the color green and the sense of touch. You will want to focus on green colored foods like kiwi or green apples and vegetables like kale or spinach. Green tea is a good beverage for this chakra. Most of the activities that help to heal this chakra are emotional in nature, as you might imagine. Anahata embodies energies such as love, passion and joy.

Having a balanced heart chakra will be one of the best feelings you have – you will love it. You will feel connected to everyone and be more open to accepting love. If you have an imbalance, you might feel isolated or isolate yourself. You might be selfish without realizing it. You will be cut off to love from others. If you are experiencing this, you may have had your heart broken, and this doesn’t only mean romantically. Sometimes those closest to us, like family or best friends, can hurt us worst of all.

The first step in healing this chakra is to forgive. Forgive the people who hurt you. It doesn’t mean you need to keep them in your life. But realize that everyone makes mistakes, including yourself. Forgive the hurt that has been done to you, but also that which you have caused others. Try to start over with the people you want to keep around, but try to focus on your own needs.

Practice loving. This might sound weird, but if you feel blocked, the best way to unblock this chakra is to take down some of the walls you have surrounded yourself with and allow love to flow in and out of your heart. It doesn’t happen over night, but focusing on it for these three days should at least give you a boost. This includes loving yourself!

DAY 10ustrasana_-_camel_pose

For breakfast, I made eggs and spinach. I started off my day with my yoga exercises. I did tree pose, warrior pose, pigeon pose, and boat pose. For this chakra, we will add camel pose.

I meditated on affirmations for this phase of the cleanse. If I haven’t been clear, you don’t need to use my affirmations. Instead, you can meditate and come up with whatever is more focused directly to your energy.

I have been sick this week, so I have been having a hard time focusing. That being so, I will come back to this chakra at the end of the 21-day cleanse. You can do this too with any chakra you feel needs more direct focus.

As I took Nyquil, I don’t really remember falling asleep or if I had any meaningful dreams, but I did fall asleep listening to flute meditation on Pandora.

DAY 11

Yoga poses, as usual. Tree, warrior, pigeon, boat and camel poses. I carried my rose quartz with me throughout the day to focus my energy as much as possible. I made a quesadilla for lunch with green peppers.

The anahata focuses on “I Love” energy. Write in your journal all of the things you love. Keep not only love in your heart, but also gratitude on your mind.

Make sure to come up with a good prayer or memorize this one before you do your ending ritual the last day.


If you would like to continue working on this chakra in your sleep, give this sleep meditation music a try.

DAY 12

I did my yoga. I had a green pepper quesadilla again. Once again, being sick has limited me. But really yoga and silent meditation are the best medicines for the heart. And spending time with the people you love.


INCENSE: Heart Chakra stick by Triloka



MANTRA: “yam.” Chant about 10 times, slowly and spaced out. As you chant the mantra, imagine a bright red light burning at your feet, solidifying your foundation. As it runs up your legs, it blends into orange that gets brighter and brighter until focusing into a bright yellow sun that warms up your body and grows a green landscape at your heart. Breathe deeply, and be aware of any feelings in your chest.

Recite prayer 5 times.

Focus on the green energy. Visualize walking through the green lush landscape.


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