The third eye chakra, or ajna, corresponds to the element light, the colors purple or indigo and the sense of intuition. You should strive to eat foods like purple grapes, blackberries, blueberries, eggplant, prunes, raisins, chocolate and purple kale. Lavender tea is a good beverage for this chakra. Ajna embodies energies such as wisdom, psychic ability, dreams and comprehension.

To have a balanced third eye is to actively express creativity and joy, be adaptable, sensual and fertile in all stretches of the imagination. If your third eye is closed, you will experience isolation, feelings of guilt, joint problems, dehydration and infertility.

To help open your third eye, make sure to keep your brain healthy by eating the right foods and getting enough vitamin D. Sunbathing will help to absorb vitamin D as well. Reading is also a good activity as it relieves stress and exercises your thought centers. Writing down dreams and feelings is helpful, too.

Socially, you should let go of feeling in competition with everyone. Stop comparing yourself to others. Be happy for others’ happiness and achievements. Stop overthinking! This is a huge problem for me. I battle with it every day. Just breathe, relax, and enjoy nature. Learn to let go of the feelings and impulses that make you small.

DAY 16

I started off my day with my yoga exercises. I did tree pose, warrior pose, pigeon pose, and boat pose, camel pose, and I added child’s pose.

I meditated on affirmations for this phase of the cleanse. If I haven’t been clear, you don’t need to use my affirmations. Instead, you can meditate and come up with whatever is more focused directly to your energy.


I did not sleep with my amethyst for this phase, though you could if you wanted to. I decided to actively meditate all three days, placing the amethyst upon my third eye center.

DAY 17

Yoga poses, as usual. Meditation. I grilled eggplant for lunch.

The ajna focuses on “I See” energy. Write in your journal all of the things you see. Not with your physical eyes, but with your ajna. Look deep inside for this. Let it show you what you need to see.

Make sure to come up with a good prayer or memorize this one before you do your ending ritual the last day.


DAY 18

I did my yoga and had leftover eggplant.


INCENSE: Third Eye Chakra stick by Triloka


MUDRA: mudraaaa

MANTRA: “ohm.” Chant about 10 times, slowly and spaced out. As you chant the mantra, imagine a bright red light burning at your feet, solidifying your foundation. As it runs up your legs, it blends into orange that gets brighter and brighter until focusing into a bright yellow sun that warms up your body and grows a green landscape at your heart. As you move up to focus on your throat, you look up and there is a vast blue sky of endless possibility. You float up higher and higher until you’ve left the real world behind. It is just you and purple infinite space. The stars surround you and you see the truth.

Recite prayer 5 times.

Focus on the purple energy. Visualize swimming through empty pure purple atmosphere.

You’re almost done with this 21-day cleanse! Good job 🙂 One more phase left…

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